Advanced Web Services


How we develop our applications?

Software Technologies:

We use languages and technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, JavaScript and for RDBMS we use as backend SQL Server and Microsoft Access. We build web solutions for Internet / Intranet covering all business areas.

Web Design:

All our projects are developed using latest technologies. We use CSS stylesheets and always we look at code reusability inside a project.

Development Methodology

Information Systems Technology, has a system analysis methodology which we keep at every solution, completing always a project cycle, using systems analysis tools :

I. Customer needs

We listen to our customers needs, what they have in mind, what they want to do and anything that in first glance is not so clear.

II. Project and System Analysis

We start to make a system analysis including both customer needs and what from experience we know the client will need.

III. Testing environment

When a first stable version is released we upload at a test server and do an in house testing. After that we ask our customer to make a personal test and send us his suggestions and perhaps corrections. We follow this phase for many cycles until our customer is full satisfied.

IV. Running Real Time

At last when a project is ready is released at our Servers. At this time we do a Search Engine Campaign advertisement and promotion. We monitor (for at least a trimestre) the site, its statistics, submission forms and clients requests.