AVAST Antivirus

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avast! 8 Antivirus & Internet Security

  • Avast 8 monitors all files coming from outside (especially web and mail).
  • If the AV engine concludes that the files are suspicious, the user is offered the option to automatically run inside a sandbox
  • Very effective against new / unknown threats


Secure Desktop

  •   An “inside out sandbox” - isolated from the rest of the OS. Suitable for sensitive transactions (Online banking – Online shopping)
  •   Immune to key-loggers and other types of spying

Improved cleaning
  • Deleting associated entries (registry keys, auxiliary files etc)
  • In many cases, user is guided to run a boot-time scan and do the cleanup from there
Other new features
  •   WebShield improvements
  •   Performance tuning
  •   Better detection of streaming content
  •   Firewall expert controls
  •   Foundation of cloud-based detections

Avast Business editions

  • Avast! Endpoint Protection Suite - Managed equivalent of avast! Pro Antivirus + avast! Server Antivirus
  • Avast! Endpoint Protection Suite Plus - Managed equivalent of avast! Internet Security + avast! Server Antivirus
  • New management system via a nice web-based console
  • Built for simplicity (no real network admins required to operate) – install and forget
  • Ability to control the avast installations
  • Remote installation and centralized updating
  • Ability to schedule / run scanning jobs
  • Immediate alerting in case of an infection
  • Comfortable dashboard listing all the current problems and recommended solutions
  • Comprehensive reporting either online or by email
Advanced features
  • Auto-discovery of new/unprotected computers
  • Prevents rogue computers on the network
  • Configuration for a computer can be inherited or
  1. 1. Avast 8 New interface
  2. 2. Avast 8 Virus Protection
  3. 4. Avast 8 Statistics
  4. 3. Avast 8 Firewall Settings
  5. 5. Avast 8 Safe Zone
  6. 6. Avast 8 Access Anywhere

I.S.T. is a Silver Reseller of AVG and Premier Partner of Avast Antivirus products.Our focus was always on providing the best security solutions that add value and protect customer investment. We have achieved this goal with Avast Antivirus. Avast reputation has grown over the years as a reliable, light, easy to use, auto update antivirus and antispyware program. Many of our clients had used other security products in the past. They choosed to move to Avast and they very happy with this. Our clients consist from Government , Universities, Public Sector, Municipalities and large and medium size companies.


avast! Professional Edition is a collection of award winning, high-end technologies that work in perfect synergy, having one common goal: to protect your system and valuable data against computer viruses.


It represents a best-in-class solution for any Windows-based workstation. This page demonstrates its most important features and provides links to further resources.

Avast! Internet Security Active internet users need greater protection for themselves as they shop and bank on-line.


To secure against threats from infected web sites and the growing risk of identity theft, avast Internet security provides you with continuous protection from its layers of antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit protection, firewall and antispam.


Antivirus kernel

avast!  Professional certificate avast!  Professional virus buletin

The latest version of avast! antivirus kernel features outstanding detection abilities, together with high performance. You can expect 100% detection of In-the-Wild viruses (viruses already spreading between users) and excellent detection of Trojan horses.

The kernel is certified by ICSA Labs

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