Genie Timeline Business Backup

continuous seamless secure backup for Servers and Clients   

Genie Soft Timeline Data backup software

Genie Timeline

You accidentally deleted a file that was saved on your Desktop.

  • No problem.
  • Right-Click your Desktop area
  • Under Genie Timeline menu, select ‘View All Deleted Files’
  • Select Your File and Restore

You are clueless as to how to configure a backup job.

  • Install Genie Timeline
  • Critical data is preselected
  • Recommended backup destinations are listed
  • Add encryption if you want to secure your backup
  • It minimizes to tray silently and automatically backing up your data

Never have to worry about it again. No schedules, no hassles.

You’re constantly updating files and need to retrieve a version created a week ago

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Open Genie Timeline Virtual Drive
  • Use the Slider to scroll back in time to a week ago
  • Search for the file you need and simply drag and drop to desktop

Genie Timeline Backup

Windows 7 Support
  • Supported on Windows 7 32- and 64-bit platform
Set it-and-Forget it
  • Setup a continuous backup plan in only 3 steps and stay forever protected
Continuous Backup
  • Non-stop backup of all your important documents, emails, photos, and music
Plug & Protect
  • Automatically resumes backup when wireless/wire backup devices are in range
Windows Explorer Integration
  • Navigate and restore previous versions of a file using Windows Explorer time slider

Time Machine Backup

Access Your Files Offline
  • View all your backup files thru Windows Explorer even when the backup drive is not connected
Save Disc Space
  • Automatically delete older versions of files taken into backup to free space
Revision History
  • Rewind back in time to restore any previous file version from the past
Right-Click Add/Restore
  • If you’ve deleted a file by mistake, you can simply right-click and restore
Incremental Backup
  • Backup only exact file changes for quick efficient backups