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Genie Timeline for seamless continuous backup

Time machine backup for your data. Go back in time to recover any file. We all know that adopting a backup plan is a must, but most of us neglect to do so because it's too complicated. We either don’t know what to backup, what backup strategy to follow, the backup software itself is too confusing, or we’re simply afraid to mess up the computer. Well; what if, as part of setting up your machine, you simply include a true, full featured, simple backup solution that knew what to backup for you, scanned your system for any changes and automatically performed a backup every half hour keeping versions so that you can keep an audit trail, showing the iterations of a document from rough draft to final form. With Gene Timeline, you can!

It continuously backs up your files so incase you accidentally delete a file, you can always go back in time and find it. Press here to view more about Genie timeline

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